Happy New Year

One of the most memorable books I read this year was “With My Eyes Wide Open” by Brian “Head” Welch. I’ve never been a fan of Korn’s music but one day I saw the book on the library shelf and it looked like an interesting story. I wasn’t disappointed.

Memoirs are one of my favourite genres to read as someone opens up about a time in their life and how they made it through. Some authors are more open and honest than others with how much they share. I connected with the raw honesty of this book. It felt like Brian was sitting with me telling me his story as if I was his best friend.

I was reminded of his story recently when I saw a trailer for a new documentary he’s been working on.

Which led me as so often happens to then checking out one of the interviews he and Jennea had just done as part of the promo tour.

The perception of the life of celebrities and the reality of their lives can be vastly different and I felt when reading the book, that he wrote with the windows smashed out and the doors ripped off their hinges.

If you are looking for a read these holidays that shines a light on some real life struggles, then you may want to visit your local library and borrow a copy. From his struggles of being a father to his financial difficulties, financial difficulties? He was mega famous, he should have been mega rich! I won’t spoiler alert the story for you but he is very open about the path he has travelled. Dealing with not only his own identity but also his daughters, makes for an at times confronting read.

At a time of year that can be very busy make sure you take some time out to just chill and enjoy the holidays.

I’m looking forward to discovering more stories I haven’t read yet in the new year so if there was a memorable book you read this year let me know in the comments below.

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