Happy Christmas

How many photos will you take this Christmas? Photos of friends you wish you’d seen more of this year. Photos of new additions to your family. Who will be missing from your photos this year? What would happen to all those memories if something happens to your phone.

I started taking photos with a film camera. Once printed there was 2 copies of the image the negative and the printed shot. Now with the cameras on our phones being the go to way of capturing memories what happens if your phone dies?

Please print off and back up your most precious photos. If you have a trusted cloud solution back them up there. That company is in control of them though, not you, if the business goes away so do your photos. You could back them up on a computer or external hard drive but again if there’s a digital failure they are gone. Professional photographers will backup on an external hard drive that they keep at their studio as well as one that they store securely off premises in case of a catastrophe like a fire.

With the cost of taking photos now virtually zero we take a lot more than we ever used to but among them are the gems that we would like to preserve for all time. Can I encourage you to print these memories. If they are really precious memories print them through a photography printer. They will cost more but they will last longer. At the very least choose one of the many cheaper options available in store or online and have a printed copy.

Until my New Years Eve post let me leave you with this new video that features a girl taking photos. A small reminder that as much as you might want for Christmas this year there is little that we actually need.

Backup your memories these holidays.

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