Tuesday Tunes 023

The second last Tuesday Tunes post for the year. The last Christmas themed Tuesday Tunes post. I’m relieved that the two short films for next week are uploaded, waiting for their boxing day release. Is their a feature length film you are looking forward to watching before the end of the year?

“Love Delivered On A Sleigh” is the track on side A of this weeks record. Following on from last weeks videos I’ve again created some original artwork for the backgrounds. It’s been an enjoyable year of learning as I’ve created these each week and I look forward to creating more next year.

“This Christmas Eve” is the track on Side B of this weeks record. I’ve again created some original artwork for the backgrounds. Christmas beach scenes are difficult to find online, it was fun creating my own. This Christmas Eve was written as a Christmas present for my parents. Happy Christmas Dad and Mum. You are welcome to share it with your parents if you would like to show your appreciation for them.

Thank you for all the support you have shown this series during 2023. With 2024 quickly approaching I’m already shifting my focus to next year. Comment below if you’d like to put in a request for the year ahead.

If you would like to write some original music for any of my upcoming videos I’d be happy to discuss collaborating.

I’m available for hire, if you would like me to create a video for you.

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