Tuesday Tunes 50

It’s my party and I’ll be late if I want to. Honestly I didn’t want this post to be late but I didn’t have it pre scheduled, and between finally getting a new studio and a friend leaving their earthsuit behind after a battle with cancer it’s been a full on week. I’ve also ran into some technical difficulties with the software I’ve been using for next month’s video’s which is unfortunately still going to take more time to resolve.

So many only see the finished product and I assure you it’s often not smooth sailing getting it to that point. A few days ago I shared with an American DJ that the song “Your Faithfulness” was recorded and released after losing my home for the second time in less than a year. In the moment I couldn’t recall when I’d written it. Afterwards I remembered that it was after losing my home and my family. There is usually more to the story with creative works and that song is a clear example of that. As I said to them, my situation or circumstance doesn’t change His faithfulness. Which is why I continue to put in so many hours to bring you these songs.

The final two videos from Endless Refrain’s album “Chill” premiered this week on Rumble and YouTube. If you’ve missed any earlier in the month you can now watch the entire playlist on Rumble by clicking here. Or on YouTube below.

A reimagined version of “A Trillion Second Chances” was the track on Side A of this weeks release. The original version was released on Endless Refrain’s album “Fool”.

A reimagined version of “It’s Time To Believe” was the track on Side B of this weeks release. The original version was released on Endless Refrain’s album “Her Name Was May”.

“Chill” is the only mellow album Endless Refrain have planned for the foreseeable future. They reconnect with their love of rock next month with their first Christmas album “Christmas In July”. The first six videos have already been scheduled make sure you are subscribed and have notifications turned on so you don’t miss their premieres each week.

Thank you for joining me on the journey thus far and here’s to the next 50 Tuesday Tunes blog posts.

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