What inspires me Wednesdays 21

This month I’ve shared with you a few of the books that have inspired me to keep going over the last few years.   After my life changing accident a few years ago I had a lot more time to read books and I sought out autobiographies of those who lives would inspire me to keep going.  If you would like to hear more about my story or share part of yours with me come say hi at Clunes Booktown this weekend.

The final book I want to share with you in this series is Heart Soul Fire The Journey of Paul Briggs.  I found this book to be brutally honest.  He was not some one I knew of before picking up his book.

I found not only his story but the naked honesty in which it is told to be at times very confronting.  From being a world champion kick boxer to an eye opening view into the dance and drug scene of Brisbane.  Paul’s story is one of many journeys within the one life.

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