2023 Calendars are coming

Culling over 4,000 photos from the past four seasons down to an initial short list of less than 200 is time consuming but not too difficult. The task that feels a lot harder is making the selection of the final 78 photographs. There are not enough months in a year. I genuinely feel sad deciding some photos won’t make the cut. With three months of opportunity each season and so much beauty so close I deliberately shot less this year than last year to try and make the process easier.

Unfortunately I’ve also had too many days this year significantly impacted by my health and thus the usual structure of the calendars from previous sell out years will be slightly different. Previously January was usually a sunrise and December was usually a sunset. Four Seasons 2023 breaks from this tradition with no sunrise for Spring, sunrise and sunset for Summer as per usual, no sunrise or sunset for Autumn and Winter is a complete break with the traditional format.

A fellow photographer lent me a drone for a road trip I undertook this year for a friends memorial service. Having an injured foot at the time meant I wasn’t hobbling far. Another friend volunteered to drive me and during a two week trip I saw the world through a very different lens. There are so many sights waiting to be appreciated both in nature and man made that are all too easy to drive past. I could have flown and missed out on appreciating so many natural and man made wonders. I’ve collated my favourite 13 photographs from that journey for Four Seasons 2023 Winter Edition.

This year I have again selected photographs from throughout the year for a master collection. These calendars once again won’t be for sale. Though if you fall in love with one of the images they will be available as a limited edition wall print and NFT. If you weren’t following my work last year, I give away the master collection calendars to those who have supported me, my art, and sometimes lucky collectors. There are never enough to give one to everyone who has helped me smile these past 12 months. In some ways selecting those who will get one each year can be harder than selecting the photographs that go in it. It’s one way I can give back with some priceless artwork. I’m yet to write out that list this year but four maybe five are already allocated in my head.

I had already planned to shoot the same locations for the 2023 A year in the life of a marshmallow farmer calendar just to see how different marshmallow farmer road looked from the previous year. It ended up looking more different than I planned as I shot it before returning the borrowed drone. Viewing marshmallow farms from the sky for the first time made for an even more enjoyable day of shooting. If you haven’t seen a marshmallow farm before, there is no going back once you have. Just this week I had the pleasure of changing someone’s life forever. In the future they will see a sight they had seen many times before on lots of country roads in a different way.

Let me know which calendars you would like to pre order. I still need to create the calendars and the final photograph selection could change up to this point. Then it’s off to my wonderful printers who do such a great job each year. I’m hoping to start sharing the photographs with you in the coming days. Then in the coming weeks having them ready to deliver to you, so there is plenty of time for you to get them to your loved ones before the new year.

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