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It feels a bit early to be writing an end of year blog post but I feel done. I’ll be creating more this year but it isn’t likely to be seen by anyone else until 2019.

I pulled down my retrospective exhibition last week after a 4 month stint in Ballarat.

It still feels a bit surreal when I look back at just how far I’ve come as an artist in the last few years.

I’ve recently upgraded my camera body in preparation for shooting Journeys III so I’ve gone back through and chosen some of my favourite images to share with you that have been shot with the one that I’ve pushed past it’s limits these last few years.

If you haven’t spied them online already my 2018 range of Christmas cards and 2019 Calendars are now available to order.

Some photographs you’ll have seen before, some you won’t have seen like the sneak preview concept photograph I shot for Journeys III, and some that you’ll see in a different light than you have before.

Growing up in Australia Christmas for me has meant hot summers, yet the majority of our TV and movies show an American or European winter landscape for Christmas. My card selection this year reflects that contrast between the different climates.  Each design is a limited edition so do not miss out.

Selecting the photographs for the calendars this year I was intrigued to discover I don’t shoot much in black and white while traveling outside of Victoria. I prefer shooting my images in camera how I want to see them printed. This can limit me in post production because you can’t change a black and white photograph to colour though the reverse is possible.

I’ve designed 3 limited edition calendars this year each highlighting the way I see things.

I am looking forward to being less limited in being able to photograph my imagination with my new camera and look forward to sharing those realised dreams with you in 2019.

Thank you to the galleries who exhibited my work this year and everyone who attended those exhibitions. A extra special thank you to those who fell in love with my work enough to take some home with them.

I was reminded this week while having a discussion with someone after they had just finished reading my first two poetry and photography books about how many of us have similiar experiences. I feel honored to be able to help people discuss some of the harder subjects in life by sharing my own stories.

I’m finishing up some writing projects I’ve been working on this year so stay tuned for more books in 2019.

If you missed out on a calendar or Christmas card last year, don’t miss out this year.


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