Skr Boi

I saw an email in my inbox last week which caught my eye amongst so many newsletter type emails I often pass by. The subject of the email read “What’s On: A Lesson from Avril Lavigne”.  Despite being out of radio for over 10 years now I’m still on most of the mailing lists of stations I either worked for or was associated with. This one was from Hope FM in Sydney which intrigued me as to why they were talking about Avril Lavigne. I doubt they ever played Skr Boi when it came out. I do remember when her Let Go album came out it was huge and I was working in radio at the time. But where has she been since then?


The answer to that question is in part why I’m now blogging about her new song. She’s been dealing with her own health issues for the last few years.  You can read about that here or you can check out her new song that has already had 15 million views in a week.



After being out of the public eye for 5 years I look forward to see what else she has planned for her next album.

Who haven’t you heard new music from in ages that you’d love to hear new songs from?


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