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I blogged over a month ago about calling it quits for the year. This morning when I opened up youtube to check the latest uploads from some of the channels I subscribe to. I saw this interesting one that had been posted last month that I hadn’t seen yet. It resonated with me so strongly I just had to share it. The sentiments shared by Jon in this video are so akin to the poems I picked out when selecting my poems to enter into competitions a few weeks ago. Being asked how I come up with characters and situations and scenarios is one of the hardest question for me to answer. Jon very eloquently shares the latest chapter of his journey in this short video and I look forward to their new album being one of the soundtracks to the next chapter of my journey.   I’ve come across a few other videos I’ve been wanting to share from other artists so stay tuned for them in future blog posts but until then check out this one from American alternative rock band Switchfoot about their creative process.



Leave a glimpse into your creative process for others to gleam from in the comments below.

Their song Dare You To Move is still one of my favourite all time songs by any artist.

I still have that one in a current play list along with this one


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