52 : The Bard from Ballarat June Recap

I had an interesting thought this week as I realised that it had been 6 years since this collection was published in print and my last exhibition at the BIFB. This month featured two pieces that have more than one voice in them, a rarity in this collection. Only one of them actually has a voice not my own. In case you have missed them over the past few weeks here they are.

Saving Gracehttps://odysee.com/@NevilleHiatt:a/Saving-Grace:a

Mirror Mirrorhttps://odysee.com/@NevilleHiatt:a/Mirror-Mirror:d

I am with you always – https://odysee.com/@NevilleHiatt:a/I-Am-With-You-Always:8

Fairy Tales – https://odysee.com/@NevilleHiatt:a/Fairy-Tales-(A-Duet):1

The 5 new videos for July are uploaded on Odysee and will premiere each Friday night. Why do I like Odysee? They allow viewers to leave content creators a tip, and they don’t censor content as youtube does. You’ll still be able to find the rest of the videos on youtube, you’ll just have to wait a day later until they premiere every Saturday night. If you would like your own personal copy of the paperback I have them in stock ready to ship.

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