52 : The Bard from Ballarat May Recap

What started as a project during last year’s restrictions continues. Over halfway through creating and uploading the weekly videos from my 2105 collection 52 : The Bard from Ballarat. Here are the five that were released this month.


I amhttps://odysee.com/@NevilleHiatt:a/I-am:f

She fell asleep on Australian Time – https://odysee.com/@NevilleHiatt:a/She-fell-asleep-on-Australian-time:c

The heart knows – https://odysee.com/@NevilleHiatt:a/The-Heart-Knows:c

The fame – https://odysee.com/@NevilleHiatt:a/The-fame:7

I’ve already uploaded some for June on Odysee. Why do I like Odysee? They allow viewers to leave content creators a tip, and they don’t censor content as youtube does. You’ll still be able to find the rest of the videos on youtube, you’ll just have to wait until they premiere each week. If you want to order a copy of the paperback I have them in stock ready to ship, you will just have to wait until I can go to the post office after the latest lockdown ends.

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