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I wanted to write this yesterday but all I managed to do was lock myself out of my own website. Thankfully after a day of resting, I was clearly able to gain access tonight and write this. A day of doing nothing can feel so unproductive but when your body is in so much pain your brain isn’t functioning optimally rest can be what is required.

So enough about my struggles they are minor compared to what some are currently going through. I submitted the article published yesterday a couple of weeks ago. For context you may want to read it first before reading on.

Since submitting it, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Pastor Paul Furlong was arrested on a Saturday night to prevent him from holding a church service the next day. He spent two weeks in solitary confinement, and a few more days among the prison population before getting out on bail. The offenses he was charged with carrying no jail term. Rebel News continues to cover his story.

It was encouraging to hear of the dozen people he was able to help inside before being released.

Meanwhile in Canada Pastor Tim Stephens has been arrested again.

Before you think it’s only pastors the leader of the People’s Party of Canada, Maxime Bernie was also recently arrested.

Wherever you are reading this from there is no reason to live in fear. You also need to know the truth about the laws of the country you are living in.

Here are links to the Australian, Canadian and U.S. Constitutions for you.

Every rule/directive/law must abide by these in each respective country. If people are being censored or arrested for living out what is in their constitution who is in the right and who is in the wrong?

The recently released video The Government War on Worship has some confronting stories in it, but it’s worth watching and sharing. There are so many still alive warning what their parents and grandparents lived is what they see happening now, I struggle to understand how so many are either choosing to ignore it or are completely blind to it.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana

Don’t be afraid to speak up. There may be reprisals for doing so, but is your life worth fighting for?

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