Flashback Fridays 01

Fellow Author Angela Savage posted during the week some of her most memorable movies that have stayed with her.

Here are my top 15 memorable movies. (in no particular order)

1. Avatar

2. Tim

3. Love me if you dare

4. Pleasantville

5. Noel

6. The Last Samurai

7. The Cutting Edge

8. Blast from the Past

9. Danny Deckchair

10. Short Circuit

11. Flight of the Navigator

12. Mad about Mambo

13. Dear John

14. Waiting Forever

15. Wreck it Ralph

16. The Princess Bride

17. The Power of One

18. Faster

19. Accepted

20. Ice Castles

What’s on your list?

the image at the top … that’s me on set in a movie can you spot me?

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