From Art to Crypto and back to Art

The day is seared into my memory when I was talking with a gallery owner about exhibiting my photographs on their walls. I can’t remember how we got onto talking about trading and them sharing about Bitcoin with me, but I am happy they did. It’s been an interesting few years learning about blockchains and cryptocurrencies. I’ve had many interesting conversations with the owners of that gallery about many aspects of life since then.

I was happy having a hobby to occupy my left brain while my right brain continued to create through photography and writing. I never thought that the worlds would ever collide. Earlier this month I watched an interview about NFT’s that finally got me from the curious camp to being an NFT creator.

What is an NFT? A Non Fungible Token, in essence, it’s a record on the block chain that you own that piece of art. It could be a purely digital art piece or it could have a physical artwork attached to it. It makes trading art traceable as the record of ownership is immutable. So counterfeiting someone’s artwork because harder.

I’ve created some that are purely digital you can view/buy them on Opensea.
I’ve created some that have physical goods attached on Rarible. Included in this collection is an animated version of my award-winning artwork from years ago.

If you have a favourite NFT artist leave me a comment with their links.

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