Movember 2022

Do you participate in Movember? For the last few years I’ve shaved off any facial hair I’ve had to grow a mo for the month of November. How does that health men with their health? Directly it doesn’t really. What it does do though is start conversations, and conversations are healthy.

12 months of growth about to come off.

If you see someone with a moustache during November ask them if they are a mobro. If inflation hasn’t eaten up every spare dollar you have please consider making a donation to help men’s health initiatives.

Over the past 5 years, those who have donated via my page have helped raise over $400, thank you.

If you can donate here’s the link

If you are a fellow mobro and would like to join a team here’s one I’ve set up

If all the money printing over the past few years has your budget extra tight, please don’t donate. But if you are reading this you are already online and could probably share it with your online contacts. Chances are you know someone who would love to donate.

If you’ve never grown a mo before but always wondered how you would look with one, #Movember is a great excuse to try one out.

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