Movember 2023

Why does this Australian author and multi discipline artist shave his beard & moustache off once a year?

The same reason he recently wrote an article “When enough is too much.”

It’s to aid the conversation about mental health.

Asking, listening & being there for others can save lives.

If you need a hand having a conversation with someone who’s going through a tough time, use this ALEC guide.

  • A.SK – Ask the question
  • L.ISTEN – Listen, without judgement or distractions
  • E.NCOURAGE – Encourage action
  • C.HECK – Check in

If you have some extra $$$ please donate & help save lives. If the bills are piling up and you are feeling the pressures of life weighing you down, please share it. Someone you know may have been where you are now but are doing ok now, and feel like giving to help others.

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