My 9th Article published for 2023 and more..

Before we get to the new one thank you for your feedback on my last article “What is a soul worth?”.

It’s not in the most popular list any more but has spent the last week in the Christian Today Australia Hot News list. There is so much discussion currently around the world about trafficking I am not surprised it’s still being read and shared. I’ve received some feedback expressing confusion about the Nefarious I was referring to, here is a direct link to where I watched it. I’m still working with Exodus Cry on covering their newest film and book in the coming months.

My new article “Trusting is easy when you don’t have to” is a look at the themes from a movie from Angel Studios that was released in America over the Easter weekend. It’s a fresh look at one of the most important historical stories ever to be recorded. My apologies for not sharing it with you yesterday when it was published. I feel up to sharing it today so here you go

As always if you have missed any of my previous articles published by the Australian Christian Today you can find them here and the numerous pages that follow.

Four Seasons 2024 Update

With Autumn ending today that’s an end to me shooting the 2024 Autumn collection. My shoulder is still freeing up after last years accident so I’ll have to go through uncomfortable levels of pain to shoot the 2024 Winter collection but I’ve managed so far so I’ll keep persevering. The annual marshmallow farmer collection is currently looking in jeopardy which I’m not happy about, but we’ll see if I can shoot enough for that one within the next three months.

Short Films Update

Work continues to get the two short films I’ve been creating completed in time to submit them for a competition with an entry deadline that is now only weeks away. I’m getting there and so looking forward to sharing them both with you.

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