Riots V Revival

While the news is showing you footage of the destruction that is happening in America did you know that in some of those same cities something very different is happening?

Would you feel different about 2020 if you knew thousands of people where taking to the streets and singing about love and hope and peace?

Would you feel different if you knew millions were tuning in while they livestream these events around the globe?

Sean Feucht who calls California home has been touring America in recent weeks doing his part to change the current narrative. He’s already released music albums, written books, created teaching resources, and launched multiple global initiatives.

He’s currently bringing hope to the public in thier own neighborhoods.

New York City
New Jersey

So next time you are watching the news and feeling like the world is ending it might be an oppurtunity to change what you are watching. This is just a handful of examples of the good that is happenign around the world.

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