Taking time to rest

This recent interview from the Wally Show with American singer/songwriter Lauren Daigle resonated with me a few weeks ago. Yes I watched it before the one I blogged about last month, welcome to a glimpse of how my creative process works. I still have multiple projects on the go in various states of completion. One of the latest to reach it’s latest stage of completion is one I’ve been working on for the last 2 years. That in itself surprised me when I looked back at the earliest drafts and realised just how long it had been. I’ve often wondered how much more productive I’d be if not for the health concerns I’ve been dealing with. Looking at my life before the accident though I wonder if I ever would have made the time to create even a small fraction of what I have these past few years were I able to live a “busy and normal life”.


I still remember the day a counselor suggested to me that maybe the reason I read so many detective novels as a child was due to not being able to resolve the problems I had then. Sounds like a logical extrapolation. No surprise that most of my work to date is happy and positive, to give back to the next generation what the authors of my generation gave me.

My latest project has had me on a massive learning curve and I look forward to being able to share it with you next year, sorry it can’t be sooner. I’ve been stretched in so many ways but in my own artistic ability and in allowing others to contribute to the narrative. I’ve found it very difficult to let someone dismantle parts of my story and then be able to put the pieces back together while still maintaining the spirit of joy and fun in which it was created. It’s not easy setting aside the more creative side to allow the  more intellectual side tweak the project to improve it. Though the process needed to happen and the project is better of for it having happened it wasn’t a comfortable feeling going through it but now that the pieces are all back together I feel happy again. How similar writing a book can be to life.

I found learning difficult as a child and yet loved it at the same time (just one of the problems with our round hole square peg school system). That’s one of the things I have done a lot more of in recent years with all my time needing to rest is putting that time to use learning. About myself, about creating, about sharing ones story, and then little by little putting those lessons into practice.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Lauren Daigle and it helps you in your creative journey.


How did you go with the quiz questions? If you aren’t afraid to share let me know how many you got correct in the comments below.



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