Tuesday Tunes 011

Last week was a mammoth week of creativity but more on that next month. Ok I won’t keep you waiting that long, next week. Better?

You do get this weeks record a day early so please help me celebrate a birthiversary, with the track from the A Side of this weeks record “Happy Birthday Kat”. Which bears no resemblance to the song “Happy Birthday Helen” even though it was in my head a lot while creating it.

It’s my first week working with someone for some backing music and I was very appreciative to Yvonne for helping me out with an original composition for both videos. Unfortunately I pushed my hardware passed it’s capabilities in creating these and couldn’t get the audio and visual to synch as well as I would have liked. Thankfully when I should have been sleeping I did think of a way to improve this situation without a new computer and worked. Here’s the B Side of this weeks birthday record, “The March of the Matryoshka”.

Hopefully you have had a wonderful day today Kat and you continue to know more everyday for the rest of your time with us how loved you are.
Tuesday Tunes will resume it’s usual release schedule next week.

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