Tuesday Tunes 29

That’s a wrap on the music lyric videos for Endless Refrain’s debut album 2024.01. All 10 songs have now been released over the last 5 weeks. The songs are now also available on streaming platforms. For the first 10 days of February (Australian Time) the songs are scheduled to be released on sound.xyz at a rate of one a day.

Sound is a website revolutionising how music is shared, listened to, owned and how artists are compensated for their work. There’s free versions of each song to collect for those who like Endless Refrain. For those who want to be able to prove they loved Endless Refrain from their very first album there are limited edition versions of each song to own. Some are more limited than others. It still feels surreal hearing my lyrics sung and seeing Endless Refrain on spotify. 2024.02 is still being worked on but the first two songs have been recorded and are ready to release next Tuesday.

If you want to watch Reflection Of Your Love on Rumble click here.

If you want to watch it on youtube here it is.

The other music lyric video released today was the final Australian themed song on the album. Australian Melody has some extra nature sounds in the video as does Reflection Of Your Love versus the versions on the streaming platforms and sound.xyz.

If you would like to watch Australian Melody on Rumble click here.

Otherwise here’s the youtube version.

Next week, the start of a new month, a new album, with some bonus tracks already recorded. February is the month of love so every song next month is love themed. Which is your favourite song on 2024.01?

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