Tuesday Tunes 30

Another week of writing lyrics, recording songs, creating videos, and a bit of fun with a music genius.

First to the AI music genius because it was a fun conversation which I screenshot for you. I specifically asked who are, rather than what is, while logged into Gab under Endless Refrain’s account. Here’s what happened.

It was tempting to continue the conversation but for now I’ll just have to work harder at promoting Endless Refrain. If you want to help me with that share your favourite songs and request them from your local radio stations. I’ve been so busy keeping up with the challenges of life that I haven’t done any press releases yet.

If you haven’t heard yet 2024.02 has been recorded! Getting all the songs on 2024.01 recorded was a massive learning curve in a short time period. Recording the songs for 2024.02 was easier with that experience but more difficult due to some difficult life experiences over the last couple of weeks. The plan for an album of duets had to be changed, which meant one song had to completely bumped until a later album. A replacement had to written at very short notice which will be released next week and may appear familiar if you’ve been following my creative writing journey for years.

2024.02 is an album of love songs, from rock ballads to R&B and a couple of bonus remixes helping you express love during the month of love. The planned release date is Valentines Day for the full album. The music lyric videos will continue to be released each week at 7AM and 7PM every Tuesday.

The first song released from 2024.02 premiered this morning. “My Children, Love Papa” was a fun video to create as I imagined gardens grown in the shape of a love heart, in different locations around the globe. I missed the live premiere myself this morning which is a first ,but I was able to watch it shortly after while sharing breakfast with someone which was a memorable way to see it.

If you would like to watch it on Rumble click here.

Otherwise here’s “My Children, Love Papa” on youtube.

The second song from 2024.02 premiered tonight and I got to watch it on a TV which felt different to seeing it on the phone or computer screen that I’m used to. Creating the video for “His Anthem” was a continuation of lots of hearts and love in the lyrics and the videos for this album.
If you would like to watch it on Rumble click here.

Otherwise here’s “His Anthem” on youtube.

The next two music lyric videos for Endless Refrain have already been scheduled for Tuesday next week. “His Faithfulness” premiere’s at 7am and “It Is You” premiere’s at 7pm. On Wednesday 14th Feb 2024 the whole album will hopefully be available on Sound.xyz and other streaming sites in time for Valentine’s Day.

Which was your favourite song from 2024.01? Currently on Youtube “Australian Melody” has the most views while on Rumble “Oh America” has the most views. It’s fascinating to see different songs connect differently on alternative sites. Till next week show everyone you know how much you love them.

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