My 16th and 17th Articles published for 2022

My 16th and 17th articles for the year have now been published. Pictures of You was published recently. Eric v Evil was just published today and is perfect timing for the Victorian election.

After researching and writing Eric v Evil I was asked to give a talk. This was recorded and you can now watch it online.

If you want to research things from this talk more yourself here are their websites for you.

On the same morning I was talking Topher Field was also speaking at another location if you haven’t seen it or don’t know who he is, he made the multi award winning documentary Battleground Melbourne. Watch it online for free if you want to see what Melbournians have gone through in the last two years.

Here’s his talk from this weekend and you can find many more interesting videos on his channel.

If you are voting in this Victorian election please vote for freedom. If you know anyone who is voting in this Victorian election please have the courage to have a political discussion with everyone you know.

Where ever in the world you are reading this from let me leave you with this quote from Topher paraphrasing the Bible.


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