Tuesday Tunes 026

Please accept my apologies for this post being days late and the site issues in the last few days. Everything should be working now please let me know if you find something that isn’t working as it should be. According to YouTube I’ve reached two new achievements 3,000 total views and 50 hours watch time. I’m not creating these videos for any of those metrics but it is nice to know that what I’m creating is connecting.

Two more music lyric videos for you this week from Endless Refrain. The first song released last week Name Above All Names has already become my second most watched videos in the past 12 months. The video stopping it from becoming the number one is Red Sweater. It continues to attract new views without me promoting it, but with no comments left I’m left curious as to why it’s connected so much more than all the others I released last year.

Here’s the first of this weeks releases and it’s the song that answers the question how Endless Refrain was named. I give you Endless Refrain by Endless Refrain.

The second song this week is Oh America. It was created as an exercise I did using the same basic structure of a song but changing it to a different country. If you’ve heard last weeks Oh Australia you may hear some similarities. If you tune in next week for the premiere of Oh Canada you may hear some more similarities. It was an interesting exercise but I only did those three. The other two I’ve written for the last two weeks of the month are still travel themed, but are completely different.

I give you Oh America by Endless Refrain.

Both of next weeks songs are uploaded and set to premiere at 7AM and 7PM Tuesday Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time. Stay tuned for more ways to enjoy Endless Refrain coming soon.

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