Tuesday Tunes 025

Tuesday Tunes started in July 2023. 24 Weekly posts later and I successfully completed the year sharing a couple of songs a week. From Tuesday Tunes 001 published on the 17th July 2023 till Tuesday Tunes 008 published 5th September 2023 I was only sharing the text of the songs. After creating a couple of spoken word short films for Fathers day published on 3rd September 2023 Tuesday Tunes evolved and from Tuesday Tunes 009 published 12th September 2023 till Tuesday Tunes 024 published 26th December 2023 I was releasing a couple of spoken word short films a week.

At the end of 2023 the top 5 most watched videos on YouTube were:

1: Red Sweater – Which has now had over 100 views. Small compared to others youtube videos with thousands or millions of views, but I’m proud of what I was able to learn last year and to see this video continue to connect.

2: Beneath The Christmas Sky – Have you worked out how much I love Christmas?

3: Imagine – Which has had at least one live screening that I know of.

4: Lord I Thank You – The only one in this list that wasn’t a December release.

5: Act Two – Technically it just missed the top 5 but including the live screening audience I know of, it deserves it’s 5th place spot.

From text, to spoken word, to spoken word with backing music to 2024 and the debut of my first, and second music videos. If you’ve seen my last video released boxing day Fly Again Little Dreamer you’ll understand this dream is decades in the making not just months.

Every step of this journey increases the work each week and I must admit it’s taking it’s toll but I love creating and sharing and I’ll do it for as long as I’m able to. It’s been an emotional week hearing songs I’ve written sung as they were written to be for the very first time. I’ve heard the ones that have been recorded so far a few times now. I even played some of them for others without letting them know anything other than they were songs that I liked. Sneaky but fun, it’s the easiest way to get honest feedback. It was a mammoth effort to get these first two videos out in time for the first Tuesday of 2024 but I succeeded even though I went to sleep one night and woke up a year later.

There’s only ever one first and here’s my first music video. It’s called Name Above All Names

If you would like to be featured in a future video by Endless Refrain email a clear photograph of you wearing a plain white t-shirt/hoodie/dress while directly facing the camera. Submission doesn’t guarantee usage but does authorise it. I’m looking forward to receiving photos from people around the globe and using them in future Endless Refrain Official Lyric Videos.

Continuing my sentimental release schedule from when singles had B Sides comes the second music video called “Oh Australia”. All the planned B Sides this month have a travel theme.

Like them, comment on them, share them, add them to your own playlist. I’m working on releasing them elsewhere and have some very special things planned for Endless Refrain for 2024 so stay tuned.

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